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Among the various events programmed for the commemoration of the V Centenary of the Birth of Andrés de Urdaneta we can find activities of both scientific and culturally entertaining content, a revised and extended reprint of José Ramón de Miguel’s book Urdaneta en su tiempo (The Times of Urdaneta), an exposition about the life of Andrés of Urdaneta, fairs and monographic festivities relating to Urdaneta, not to mention this site on the Internet.
To most people, Urdaneta is completely unknown, to others he is just another of the many Basques who took part in the Americas adventure, even thought of as a missionary as depicted in the Statue erected in his hometown of Ordizia.
“With everything that’s happening Urdaneta will achieve more recognition than ever before.”
Next year we will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andrés de Urdaneta in Ordizia. I start writing this article one 3rd June, exactly 439 years to the day, after the death of Andrés de Urdaneta in Mexico City (1568). I was encouraged to summarize the activities planned by the Urdaneta commission after, among other things, having read the book “The Conquistadors of the Horizons” (published in 2006 by Ediciones Destino) by Mr. Felipe Fernandez-Armesto (born London 1950, professor of World and Environmental History at Queen Mary’s college at the University of London).
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